31 Temmuz 2012 Salı

It's time for AUGUST - Simdi AGUSTOS Zamani

Agustos ayina girmemize 1 gun kala raflarda sevdigimiz dergilerin Agustos sayilari da yerini aldi. Agustos ayi dergileri benim icin genelde huzunlu olur. Neden diye sorarsaniz daha yaz bitmeden Sonbahar / Kis koleksiyonlari ve modasini tanitirlar bize. Yazin yavas yavas bittiginin habercesi olurlar. Olsun biz yine de onlari da seviyoruz. Biraz da Sonbahar / kis icin heycanlanmamizi sagliyorlar. Dergi kapaklarina gelirsek... Bu ay dergi kapaklarini hemen hemen ayni yildizlar susluyorlar. Alip okudugum bir kacina gore de icerigini de gayet begendim. Sizler ne dusuneceksiniz acaba...


There's only one day until August; but the August issues of our favorite fashion magazines are already in the shelves. Usually August issues are pretty sad for me. If you as why, they publish new collections and show us new trends of Autumn/Winter. They break the news that summer is ending slowly. Anyways, we love them either way. They also make us exited about new season. About cover stories... This month, mostly same celebrities are on the cover. The few that I bought and read their content is also very charming. Let's see what're your thoughts...

Vogue Turkiye: Miranda Kerr

Vogue UK : Emma Stone

Vogue Paris : Marion Cotillard

Marie Claire UK : Marion Cotillard

Marie Claire Hungary : Marion Cotillard

Harper's Bazaar UK : Miranda Kerr

Interview : Mila Kunis

Glamour : Mila Kunis

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    ps.: the vogue brasil and the bazaar brasil have almost the same issues :(

  2. I subscribe to most of these magazines :)
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